The team of professionals of the foundation is formed by:

Prof. Donald Szegda     Prof. Donald Szegda

Neurorehabilitation specialist degree in Health Sciences from the University of Gettysburg and specialized in Education and Special Education by the Universities of Temple, Villanova and Lehigh (USA). He is responsible for evaluation and the neurorehabilitation programs.





     Marina Mas

Collaborates with the foundation APALCE since 1979, carrying out the management, coordination and liaison between the team of specialists -patients- Foundation. In 2003 she was appointed Director and joins the Board of trustees as Secretary in 2008.




Dr. César Molinero

     Dr. César Molinero

Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Barcelona and specialist in paediatric neurology.






     Clara Cuchillo

Psychologist graduated from the  University of Barcelona. She teaches exercises integrating the neurorehabilitation program to people who apply them at home. She contacts with schools and advises on the program and its implementation. She follows up the integration of the exercises, resolving doubts and problems when implementing it.



Lic. Patricia Jirón

     Patricia Jirón

Psychologist graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, provides emotional support to the family, strengthens and follows up each family. She assesses and decides with it how to integrate the neurorehabilitation program into the family dynamics.




Dra. Elisa Aribau

     Elisa Aribau

Optometrist specialised in visual-neuro-cognitive therapy.





Eulalia Mas

     Eulàlia Mas

Is responsible for coordination between families and the team and is also in charge of the Foundations’ secretariat.