APALCE was created by a group of families living in Barcelona (Spain) with children suffering from severe neurological problems and who were travelling regularly to Philadelphia (USA) to be treated at the Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation (CNR) under the direction of Dr. Eugene Spitz. This neurosurgeon developed the intracranial valve to treat hydrocephalia. Dr. Carl Delacato and Dr. Glenn Doman were part of his team, direct disciples of Temple Fay, who is at the origin of the concept of neurorehabilitation as it is understood nowadays.

Because of the hardship it meant to travel all away to Philadelphia, these families proposed to the CNR team to come to Barcelona and hire these internationally notorious professionals in neurorehabilitation. The team who started coming to Barcelona was formed by Dr. Max Karpin, neurosurgeon, Carl Delacato, Ph.D. (author of “The autistic child” and “A new beginning for the child with reading problems”), John Unruh, Doctor in neurorehabilitation (author of “Down Syndrome”), James Mc Gonagle and Robert Doman, also neurorehabilitation specialists and David Delacato, psychologist.

APALCE was established in 1972 and enrolled in the provincial registry of associations in April of the same year. It was declared of public utility the August 13th of 1981, and on June 26th 1992 it was established as a national foundation. The members of the Board of the foundation are:

Mrs. Dolores de Oya Otero

César A. Gibernau Ausió

Marina Mas Portolés

Jorge De Nadal Clavería

César Molinero Egea

José María Closa Cañellas

Roser Garrofer Moreres

Joan Roca Llarden

From 1972 until 2007, APALCE as a team was run by it’s pioneer Dr. Carl Delacato and by Dr. John Unruh. The experts were visiting in Barcelona, patients all over Europe determining their treatment and monitoring the neurorehabilitation programs.
The specialists visit patients three times a year to establish their treatment and monitor the neurorehabilitation programs.  Currently, Dr. Unruh continues as a consultant of APALCE, and the specialist responsible for the neurorehabilitation programs is Professor Donald Szegda who works currently with the CNR team in Philadelphia.